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QThe Difference Between Stainless Steels

AThere are over 150 grades of stainless steel, and there are around 15 ... VIEW ANSWER

QHow Do I Use the Smoker Tray on My Grill

AIf you purchased a Summerset smoker box and would like to add natural ... VIEW ANSWER

QHow Do I Install the Drop-In Sear Burner

AMost people choose to use the drop in sear burner in the far left posi... VIEW ANSWER

QIs There A Replacement Cast Iron Burner Instead of the U-Tube Burners

AWe do have a cast stainless steel burner and a welded stainless burner... VIEW ANSWER

QAre Ceramic Coated Grates Available For My Grill?

AAll of our grates are made of high grade, #304 stainless steel. Our Am... VIEW ANSWER

QMy Grill Isn’t Getting Hot Enough

AThere are a number of factors that can contribute to your grill not ge... VIEW ANSWER

QHow to install burners

ABurners come standard with your grill, but if you are upgrading or nee... VIEW ANSWER

QBack Burner Not Lighting Properly

AIf you don’t see a spark at the back burner electrode (two metal pro... VIEW ANSWER

QMy grill will not light and is not getting gas

AThere are several possibilities why a grill isn’t receiving gas. Fir... VIEW ANSWER

QHow do I light the grill?

ASummerset grills are designed with an easy to light flame thrower igni... VIEW ANSWER

QWhat is the best stainless steel cleaner to use on the exterior of a grill?

ARegularly cleaning your grill is essential, helps keep its luster, and... VIEW ANSWER

QHow much ice will the ice chest hold?

AThe SSIC-1 and SSIC-2 are great options for storage of ice, drinks, an... VIEW ANSWER


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